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ROCK ME AMADEUS - THE FALCO MUSICAL - An homage to the exceptional Austrian artist

Emotions, successes, escapades - Falco as an artist and private person

An electrifying musical with Falco's greatest hits and new songs



He was a superstar - he was popular. The latest VBW in-house production tells the exciting and moving story of the young Viennese musician Hans Hölzel and his rise to world stardom in a spectacular and at the same time touching new musical created especially for Vienna by top international creatives. With over 60 million records sold, numerous number 1 hits and songs in hit parades in 27 countries, Falco is still one of the most successful pop stars in Europe.

ROCK ME AMADEUS - THE FALCO MUSICAL is a homage to the exceptional Austrian artist and pays tribute to Falco as an artist and person. It was developed in cooperation with the Falco Private Foundation and Falco's long-time companions. His career started in the underground clubs of Vienna in the 80s. The self-created artificial figure "Falco", his unforgettable songs as well as his eccentric and charismatic appearance made him world-famous in a very short time. In addition to Falco's greatest hits, the audience can expect an exciting journey through emotions, successes, escapades and the ever-recurring conflict of "Falco", which promises deep insights into his innermost being.

The production impresses with an impressive stage show, rousing choreography, an elaborate stage set, dazzling costumes - and of course Falco's unforgettable music. In addition to his greatest hits, the VBW also present four brand-new songs in this musical, which were composed exclusively for the show by the original Falco composers and world-famous music producers Rob Bolland and Ferdi Bolland (including Bloodhound Gang, Samantha Fox, Reamonn, Fettes Brot). In addition, the two are available to the production as creative advisors. Additionally, music producer, Falco companion and composer Robert Ponger and Markus Spiegel, also legendary music producer, Falco discoverer, friend and long-time companion for ROCK ME AMADEUS - THE FALCO MUSICAL are also consultants for the production.

Credits & key facts

  • World premiere:

    2023 Austria / Vienna (Ronacher/VBW)

  • Book:

    Christian Struppeck

  • Director:

    Andreas Gergen

  • Musical Arrangements & Supervision:

    Michael Reed

  • Orchestration:

    Michael Reed & Roy Moore

  • Choreography:

    Anthony van Laast

  • Set Design:

    Stephan Prattes

  • Costume Design:

    Uta Loher & Conny Lüders

  • Lighting Design:

    Howard Harrison

  • Sound Design:

    Thomas Strebel

  • Video Design:

    Douglas O'Connell

  • Associate Choreography:

    Nichola Treherne

  • Musical Supervisor:

    Michael Römer

  • Music, Lyrics, Creative Consultant:

    Ferdi Bolland & Rob Bolland

  • Co-Composer:

    Justin Dylan Bolland

  • Consultant:

    Markus Spiegel