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Creativity is our business


This is why we strongly believe that creativity should know no boundaries. So if you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to go ahead whichever way you like.


Who are we to impose any boundaries to your valued request? So the ways we offer you to contact us are virtually limitless. Send us an email, call us, send us a fax or, if you like, even send us a letter by good old snail mail. Still, we would highly appreciate it if you could provide us with some basic information (see below) about you and the details of your request, so we can handle your inquiry and provide you with further information even more promptly and efficiently.


If possible, please specify:

  • Your company / theater name / contact address
  • Your function / profession / business field
  • The nature of your request (i.e. licensing, investment, project development)
  • Which productions / products by VBW are you interested in?
  • For which year / period?
  • For which region / country?
  • For which theater / stages?
  • For which seating capacity?
  • For which potential premiere date(s)?
  • For how many performances?
  • For which potential average ticket price?
  • If possible, please also send us any available online links containing further information about you / your company / institution / reference portfolio.


Also, please note that we turn to professional partners and enterprises such as free producers, (artistic) directors, theater administrators or investors.



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+43/1/588 30 - 1010

Your personal data will be processed solely for the purpose of contacting and answering your request. Your personal data will be deleted as soon as it is no longer needed to answer your request. The maximum storage period can be found in our privacy policy: